Ivory Toldson, President and CEO of the QEM Network, Professor of Counseling Psychology at Howard University, Editor-in-chief of the Journal of Negro Education

Managing Editors
Dr. Menna Demessie, Vice-President of the Center for Policy Analysis and Research (CBCF) Political Science, University of Michigan

Dr. Alexandra Antohin, Senior Research and Program Manager (CBCF) Social Anthropology, University College London

Special Section Editor
Dr. Elsie Scott, Director of the Ronald W. Walters Leadership and Public Policy Center, Howard University

Editorial Board

Dr. Niambi Carter, Howard University, Political Science

Dr. Errol Henderson, Pennsylvania State University, Political Science

Dr. Keith Jennings, National Democratic Institute, Foreign Affairs and International Security 

Dr. Roger Mitchell Jr., DC Office of the Chief Medical Examiner, Public Health

Dr. Shayla Nunnally, University of Connecticut, Political Science

Dr. Ravi K. Perry, Virginia Commonwealth University, Political Science

Dr. William Spriggs, Howard University, Economics

Dr. Reginald Tucker-Seeley, MA, ScM, ScD, University of Southern California, Public Health